Watch again: European Space Agency reveals first full-colour images of ‘dark universe’ from Euclid telescope

Holly Patrick
Tuesday 07 November 2023 13:37 GMT

Watch as the European Space Agency reveals the first full-colour images of the “dark universe” from the Euclid telescope on Tuesday, 7 November.

Scientists were in Darmstadt, Germany, to view five full-colour images of the cosmos.

The telescope, which was launched in July, is around 1 million miles away from Earth.

It is studying the secrets of dark matter and dark energy - hidden forces thought to make up 95 per cent of the universe.

The telescope will chart shapes and distributions of billions of galaxies and star clusters up to 10 billion light-years away.

Images captured by the telescope span four areas of the relatively nearby universe, including 1,000 galaxies in the Perseus cluster 240 million light years away, and more than 100,000 galaxies spread out in the background, according to the ESA.

Scientists believe vast structures, which appear organised, like Perseus could be formed if dark matter exists.

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