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10 things you only know if you’ve been a vegan as long as I have

After the meat feast of the last few days, you, like thousands of others, might be thinking about giving veganuary a go. But before you do, Flic Everett asks you to please think about these things she’s learned after years of being a plant-eater

Thursday 28 December 2023 06:30
<p>Here’s how to stop veganuary being a total headache </p>

Here’s how to stop veganuary being a total headache

Just over the horizon, behind that last pig-in-blanket, veganuary looms. After the meat fest of Christmas, for many of us, the idea of giving the overloaded system a good clean out with plant-based eating, helping the planet and perhaps even losing a few pounds sounds like a win.

But as a mostly vegan who was purely vegan for years, I have news: if you want to do it properly, you have to commit, just as you would to a pricey gym membership or learning Hungarian. Being vegan isn’t simply a case of “not eating animal products”. It also means paying close attention to your health, high-level social management and understanding the difference between “vegan” and “actually good for you”. Here’s how to get it right – based on my years of trial and error.

From colourful smoothies to citrus fruit, you can boost your immune system and avoid getting sick

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